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01. Who are we?


Is an application and software development company that helps businesses enhance their brands, improve business efficiency, boost sales and accelerate the process of enterprise digital transformation. WINDSoft focuses on improving sales quality, focusing on the connection between customers and businesses. Thereby optimizing the process and automating the work. Those are the core values that help WINDSoft bring clear efficiency to businesses.


years of development


First steps

WINDSoft started as a technology startup, specializing in website design, software design, and applications to support business operations.



The growing technology, along with the successful digital transformation stories of big brands, make App Mobile more and more popular and focused on development at WINDSoft.



Realizing the inevitable development trend of App Mobile. WINDSoft decided to enhance the inherent strength of App Mobile. At the same time, explore and understand more deeply about the concerns of businesses in applying technology and digital transformation.


Initial results

The results that we initially achieved in 5 years

WINDSoft has received the trust and companionship in the digital transformation process of more than 400 businesses with more than 1000 apps and applications in many fields and industries: logistics, schools, hospitals, personal healthcare ect.

In addition, WINDSoft also self-developed 2 applications EZSale and Shop Cloud. Support businesses to improve efficiency, sales quality and expand business scope, respond to customer needs quickly.

Goals for the next 5 years of WINDSoft


Sustainable brand development is a business that fulfills its mission


The difference will create the strength to develop WINDSoft


Prioritize customer benefits:
Always stand at the position of the customer to understand, sympathize, think and act.


Professional & Dedicated:
Careful from listening to customers, building and developing products to after-sales service.


Innovation & Creativity:
pdating trends, constantly looking for new solutions to upgrade products, increase business value for customers.


Ethics & Honesty:
Respect and protect the privacy, information and reputation of our customers.


Solidarity & Passion:
WINDSoft employees always maintain their work enthusiasm, constantly contribute and comprehensively synergize internally.


Corporate culture

Unique culture creates a friendly, professional and creative WINDSoft


WINDSoft puts respect as one of the cornerstones of its business. That is the spirit that every WINDSer is imbued to bring WINDSoft to development day by day.


We believe that, with passionate young people, no goal is too far away, and no dream is impossible to come true.


Each product of WINDSoft brings with it the creativity of WINDSer, making them different and meeting all the needs of customers.


Solidarity, mutual support and mutual help has always been the secret to building a collective WINDSoft like today.